buffalo horn

Cape Buffalo in Reverse Scrimshaw on Black Buffalo Horn (click to enlarge)

Below is a slab of black water buffalo horn showing a very dangerous customer waiting in the shadows.

The technique is reverse scrimshaw, which is much more time consuming than traditional scrimshaw, but the results are worth it. The play of ...read the full post


Golden Retriever in reverse scrimshaw on Ron Nott folder with water buffalo horn handles

Below is a gentleman’s folder by Ron Nott with black water buffalo horn handles and damascus steel blade and bolsters. The reverse scrim shows a Golden Retriever on this knife supplied by the customer.


Leaping Wolf 1911 Grips

Below is a pair of Colt Model 1911 pistol grips in genuine black water buffalo horn. These lustrous pistol grips were scrimmed in a technique called “reverse scrimshaw,” which is white on black.

The challenge of reverse scrimshaw is that you ...read the full post