New Website!

As you can see, I finally persuaded my husband Karl to take my website into the 21st Century and Web 2.0.

I’m still moving over items from the old site and adding new ones. Plus, I’m not finished with the look of the site. Please excuse the “construction” as I make adjustments to get it where I want it (and then probably change it some more).

If you’ve visited my old site, you probably remember it as being only about my scrimshaw.

Well, that’s obviously changed. My new site is more about me and my interests. You’ll find even more of my scrimshaw, but also my other art and design work. Best of all, everything is easier to find and cross indexed.

And, unlike my old site, this one is very easy for me to update, so there will be a lot more photos going up–and much faster than before!

Also, because I’m using WordPress blogging software, you have the chance to interact with the site, including leaving comments and questions about my work you see.

I’m excited about these changes and I think you’ll be, too.

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