reverse scrimshaw

Closeup of Semi-Nude on a Russ Easler Dagger (click to enlarge)

This dagger is one of my earlier pieces.

I scrimmed the figure in two colors (black with a red accent) on a Russ Easler dagger with ivory micarta handles.

No client on this one; I bought the dagger from Russ (who the full post


Cape Buffalo in Reverse Scrimshaw on Black Buffalo Horn (click to enlarge)

Below is a slab of black water buffalo horn showing a very dangerous customer waiting in the shadows.

The technique is reverse scrimshaw, which is much more time consuming than traditional scrimshaw, but the results are worth it. The play of the full post


DHT Innovations 1911 grips scrimmed with my Leaping Wolf design

I scrimmed these Model 1911 DHT Innovations durable resin grips grips with my most popular design (the leaping wolf) in 2009. Of course, this is reverse scrimshaw (white on black).

Price is $175.00 (includes insured US shipping). Grips have been the full post

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Wolf and caribou reverse scrimmed on a matched set of 1911 grips

I scrimmed these grips as a matched set for a client who wanted them for a pair of 1911 handguns. I scrimmed them in reverse on black paper micarta grips. Each grip includes elements of the caribou and wolf. Both the full post

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Leaping Wolf 1911 Grips

Below is a pair of Colt Model 1911 pistol grips in genuine black water buffalo horn. These lustrous pistol grips were scrimmed in a technique called “reverse scrimshaw,” which is white on black.

The challenge of reverse scrimshaw is that you the full post